Carpel Tunnel

Fibrous tissue surrounds a person’s wrist and works as a natural support for this particular joint. There is a space in between the wrist bone and the fibrous tissue called carpel tunnel. There is a median nerve that passes along the middle of the carpel tunnel that is able to absorb sensations coming from each of the fingers.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Carpel tunnel syndrome is caused when there is swelling or if the tissue contained inside of the tunnel changes. It will cause the tunnel to squeeze together and will irritate the median nerve. When this nerve is irritated will cause numbness and a tingling sensation in each of the fingers.Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

The majority of people affected by carpel tunnel syndrome are adults. Research shows that women are close to three times more at risk to develop carpel tunnel syndrome than men. Health experts believe that this is true because the carpel tunnel in women is considerably smaller. However, some will experience pregnancy carpel tunnel.

More often than not it is the hand that they use the most that will be affected the worst and can cause them severe pain. People who suffer from diabetes and other metabolic medical conditions are at a high risk for this problem because their existing conditions will affect the nerves in their body.

Many believe that the type of job that they have will play a large role in whether or not they will carpel tunnel syndrome. People who work in assembly lines are at a higher risk of this condition than people who work and type on their computers all day long.

Carpal tunnel syndromes can be very painful to manage without the proper treatment. There are types of carpel tunnel surgery that can be used to fix the problem. For more of a quick fix to alleviate the pain some will use a specially designed carpel tunnel brace.