Carpel Tunnel Brace

When people have very mild symptoms of carpel tunnel syndrome doctors will try to treat them with basic methods that include carpel tunnel exercises and will require them to use a carpel tunnel brace. These braces work to stabilize the carpel tunnel that is contained within the wrist and to keep it in its neutral position.

When held in place here it is at its widest diameter and there is less pressure on the median nerve. Doctors require patients to wear it throughout the day – but more often at night and during strenuous activities that could increase Carpel Tunnel Bracedamage.

Those who have carpel tunnel in their left hand will need to purchase a carpel tunnel brace that will fit on the left hand. Place your thumb through the larger hole designed for your thumb. Once your thumb is inside wear the brace against the back of your wrist. Center it on the top of your forearm to ensure that it will rest flat and be comfortable for you.

Make sure to tighten the Velcro strap that is close to your wrist before tightening the other strap that is over the thumb. After it has been strapped on tightly (but not too tight) press your little finger and thumb together. This will help you to determine whether or not the brace is on too tight.

After you have determined that it is on properly tighten the Velcro strap located on your upper forearm. Make sure that this is not too tight. You can release your little finger and thumb once the last strap is in place. This will help your arm to relax while inside the brace.