Carpel Tunnel Exercises

When you start to feel the onsets of carpel tunnel syndrome it is best to start performing some general and very helpful carpel tunnel exercises to help alleviate the pain and to minimize the damage. There are many different types of carpel tunnel exercises that will help to increase blood flow and keep your hand and wrist strong. You should perform the exercises every hour for five minutes.

Wrist Carpal Tunnel Exercises

The exercises you perform for your wrist should be on the top of your list and are the most important because it is your wrist that is affected first and affected the most. The first thing you need to do is make a loose fist with your right hand. Next keep the palm in the upward position and than use your left hand to gently press it down on top of the hand that is clenched. Use your right hand to resist the force coming from your left hand for five seconds. The whole time your wrist needs to be straight.

Now you will need to turn the right hand downwards with the fist palm facing down. Press it against the knuckles on the left hand and hold it for five seconds. Next turn the right palm so that the thumb side of the fist you are making is up and press down for another five seconds. Do this exact process on the other hand.

The next exercise you can do is very simple and very well known. It is called the wrists circle. Hold your hands out and move your wrists in a circular motion clockwise. Make sure to keep your second and third fingers close together. You will need to do this exercise on both hands.

Hold up one hand next to your shoulder and straight up with the fingers together and the palm facing out. Bend the hand backwards while holding your fingers together using your other hand and hold for five seconds. Open the fingers and thumb with the other hand keeping it bent back and hold for five seconds. Do the same thing with the other hand.