Pregnancy Carpel Tunnel

It is possible for women to experience pregnancy carpel tunnel. This syndrome is usually caused in women during this time because they can swell quickly and retain water that can increase the pressure on the median nerve. Women who suffer from pregnancy carpel tunnel should avoid any repetitive and strenuous hand movements because they can make the pain worse.

Some women should consider using a carpel tunnel brace if your work requires you to use your hands for long periods of time and in ways that could make the pain worse. If your job requires that you work long periods of time in front of a computer than adjust your chair’s height so that your wrists are not bent down while typing. You can even purchase an ergonomic keyboard that can help. Also take break and try certain carpel tunnel exercises.

Sometimes the carpel tunnel symptoms can be more aggressive at night. In order to alleviate the symptoms during this time change the position you are sleeping in and try to prop your arm with a pillow. Do not sleep on your hands as this can increase the damage to the wrist.

Yoga is a great carpel tunnel exercise that can alleviate pain and increase strength to the wrist and hand. Also taking vitamin B6 may help to treat this syndrome although it has not been proven to have any lasting effects.

Make sure to tell your doctor the problems you are having and inform them if the pain is severe. You may need to see a specialist to help you learn the more difficult carpel tunnel exercises and for more treatment. It is possible that after the baby is born the pregnancy carpel tunnel will diminish as the water retention and swelling leaves your body.